Pop-Up Card Designer PRO

Pop-Up Card Designer PRO 3.3

Creates and modifies origami architecture designs
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Develop and edit designs for various types of cards that pop up when opened by generating 3D models and checking the opening process in the simulation The suite supports automated creation according to set parameters and contains a number of templates.

Pop-Up Card Designer Pro is a program for creating pop-up cards. These cards, also known as origami architecture cards, will form a 3D figure when opened. They are cut and folded in such way that the structure will show up only when you open the card.

Pop-Up Card Designer PRO will allow you to create your own designs, for further printing, cutting and folding them. You can also mail your customized cards to anyone. Every design produced with this program will be made on a single sheet of paper. You won´t have to print anything to cut and glue over your card. All you have to do is cut and fold the printed design. You will be able to include images, text, polygons, or whatever you like in your design. The program also allows you to move the project in 3D, so you can view your work from any angle. Once finished, you can also view an animation that will show you how the card will pop-up when opened. You can then print your design to cut, fold and send it. The unregistered version doesn´t allow you to save your designs.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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